Brictek booth at Toy Fair

About Brictek

BRICTEK® is a Canadian brick construction toy brand that was launched in 2012. Brictek toy sets are made with high quality construction bricks that empower children through brick building creative play, which are fully compatible with other leading brands at a very competitive price.

We offer over 200 building sets, which are divided into more than 20 popular themes.
Avid builders really appreciate our Brictek accessory sets. They include several basic brick pieces, roof piece kits, various wheel sets, doors and windows sets, figurine packs and baseplate packs at an incredible value price.

Brictek products are sold in stores across North America, France and soon in South America and Australia.
They are sold in specialty toy stores, bookstores, parent-teacher stores, educational stores, department chains, science and space centers, gift stores of all types and with online retailers.

Look for Brictek products in stores near you! Come visit this website often to find out about the latest new and exciting brick sets as we expand the collection for builders of all ages…one brick at a time!

“Great brick building sets, offering exceptional value and empowering children with more possibilities”.