We make quality brick pieces that work with the major leading brands at value prices, which translates into more building fun for the builder.

Our sets are made in China.

For our bricks, we use ABS plastic, like the leading brand. For other pieces, the plastics and rubbers is determined by the part’s function.

Yes, our material’s quality is equivalent or even better than the main competitors.

It’s hard to compare building sets, but brick to brick we usually are less expensive than the leading brand. We always focus on giving more building value to the consumers than our competitors.

We stand behind our products with a lifetime guarantee for our building brick pieces.

Brictek was started by Mr. Bernard Rollin, a successful Canadian business man. He has had previous success in the edutainment sector for children. He launched the Brictek brand in 2012.

Request forms are available on the missing parts tab.  If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our customer service staff. We would love to help.