Each figurine has an exclusive I.D. that represents its moment of creation!

Brictek I Love Figz Fig0214

This is FIG0214

The first two numbers represent the month that they were built.

So, in this case, February.

The last two numbers represent the day that it was built.

This means that FIG0214 was built on Valentine’s day! Love it!

Each Fig has a story!


Born: August 16

Favorite color:  WHITE

Favorite Food:  GUM

Likes: TO SING

Character: JOYFUL

Sign: LEO

Brictek I Love Figz Fig0816
Brictek I Love Figz Fig0729


Born: July 29th

Favorite color:  Red

Favorite Food: Energy bars

Likes: Moonlighting

Character: Vibrant

Sign: Leo


Born: January 9th

Favorite color:  Yellow

Favorite Food:  Sushi

Likes: Social media

Character: Happy

Sign: Capricorn

Brictek I Love Figz Fig0109
Brictek I Love Figz Fig0621


Born: June 21st

Favorite color:  Black

Favorite Food:  Gumbo

Likes: Sun bathing

Character: Cool

Sign: Gemini


Born: October 29th

Favorite color:  Orange

Favorite Food: Birthday cakes

Likes: Parties

Character: Generous

Sign: Scorpio

Brictek I Love Figz Fig1029
Brictek I Love Figz Fig0214v2


Born: February 14th

Favorite color:  Purple

Favorite Food:  Chocolate candy

Likes: To flirt

Character: Romantic

Sign: Aquarius

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Emoji art supplied by EmojiOne under a Creative Commons license. Color altered from original artwork. Some graphics have been modified to accommodate figurines.